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Transform Education Now (TEN) champions the right to self-determination for all families and believes a high-quality education is fundamental for every child.


To empower informed school choices, TEN created the Community Schools Report (CSR). This transparent tool helps families understand school performance data for all student groups across Denver Public Schools. The CSR focuses solely on academic outcomes to avoid any misinterpretations about a school's community. TEN believes all students are capable of excellence, and our systems must evolve to support them. The CSR provides families with a clear and objective view of school performance to guide their exploration of school options. 

Domain Ratings: Each school is assigned a star rating for each of three (K-8) or four (high schools) domains.  Schools may earn one through five stars in each domain.  A school must earn 20% of the available points for two stars, 40% of available points for three stars, 60% of available points for four stars, and 80% of available points for five stars.


Metric Weighting: Within each domain, each metric is assigned a weight based on its relative importance.  Each domain has a total of 100 possible points.  Weighting varies slightly from school to school based on the number of metrics with available data within each domain.  Some metrics are reported, but not weighted or scored, such as referrals to law enforcement.  These appear at the bottom of the applicable domain.


Missing Data: Each school has slightly different data available based on reporting rules.  All data that was publicly available, or provided by DPS, has been included.  If a metric is not provided, either for a whole school or specific student group, it is because this data has been suppressed by school officials based on the number of reported students in order to protect student privacy.  


Metric Details: The table below lists all possible metrics by domain, along with a brief description and a link to the data source where available.  All metrics are reported as provided by cited sources except for Tu Voz survey results; calculation methods for that metric are included below.

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